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To let be or not to let be? That is the question.

Historically, when I wanted something, I would work really hard to make it happen. But often, having made it happen, I'd later discover that it wasn't actually what I wanted at anything other than a superficial level.

So I came to wonder if I was chasing the small needs of my ego rather the expansive needs of my greater being. But how do you know if "that thing" you are driving so hard for is being motivated by the small ego self or the greater self (which I will call the soul for ease)? If it's only being driven by the ego, chances are it's just creating distractions from something far greater and fulfilling than the small human self can possibly imagine, let alone orchestrate.

I've read countless spiritual/self help books over the years and so many talk about the need to completely surrender to some kind of higher power such as "God" or "The Universe" in order to experience the life you are truly destined for. So after reading a book or two, being the good student that I am, I practiced my interpretation of what it meant to surrender to "The Universe".

What I discovered was that at best, not a lot happened and at worst, I was just pulled into other people's agendas.

By surrendering to "the universe" it seemed I had chosen not to create at all. I had outsourced my creator-ship and that didn't seem satisfactory either!

I realised that the best things that had happened to me had done so without any conscious planning on my part and they certainly didn't involve any hard work. However, neither had I sat around waiting for the universe to deliver my "cosmic order".

The magic happened when I had a clear intent, I was present in life, I wasn't fixated on any particular outcome and I had acted on the quiet voice of my intuition.

It was the succession of my small actions which had allowed big synchronicities to unfold.

The secret it seemed, was knowing when to let be and when to drive for change.

How did the Soul cross the road?

Imagine your soul's desire is to cross a set of busy complex roads to reach something on the other side. From your small human self perspective who can't see the bigger picture, it would be like crossing the road wearing blinkers. No amount of pushing and planning is going to help you cross safely because you can't see beyond what's right in front of you.

Equally, if you just surrender to the universe to get you across, that's not going to happen either. Unless you are an Ascended Master, the laws of the universe are usually such that you're not going to be magically teleported to the other side. You still have to use those human legs of yours to cross (and even if you are now dreaming up 101 other ways to cross which don't involve your legs, they will still require some sort of action on either your part or someone else's). If you don't act i.e start moving at the right pace when your soul tells you it can see a break coming up in the traffic, you will never make it across because life (or in this case the traffic) moves on.

So you need to be able to hear your soul when it calls and take appropriate action.

Now you may be thinking that if you wait long enough, then someone else will eventually come along to help you cross. This may be the case but remember that they are wearing blinkers too. So you have to rely on themthem not only knowing where they are going but where you are going too, which is unlikely.

I therefore believe there is a lot to be said for being master of your own destiny (providing you are creating from the perspective of a bigger picture).

I don't believe the trick is to aimlessly surrender to some higher power you perceive to be outside of yourself, or to plan out small minded goals to fill up your life whilst wearing blinkers.

By developing our intuition, we instinctively know what and when to "push" and when to "let be". When we know whether to employ action or none-action at any given point in time, then both the ego and the universe are in service to our Great Creators Within!

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