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Now all resets, now all goes new...

deborah perry bluetit

They say the first step is often the hardest and I have certainly found that to be true. It's taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to share my art and soul with people other than friends and family. Every painting or poem I create is a self portrait, or as I like to say, a "self landscape" - they are each a different window into my soul.

In a world of virtual social interactions (like the one we are sharing now), I often wander how much of our soul we actually share with one another. It can take courage and a willingness to feel vulnerable in order to share our soul with someone. It's the deepest, purest, most authentic, spine tingling part of us and it's also the part that the world really needs us to share if we are to truly evolve as a species.

It's no coincidence that I've created this website shortly after painting "The Grand Redesign" (discover it's story if you've not seen it yet) because it is the blueprint for what's playing out in my life right now - a desire to bring forth and share more of my soul's expression.

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