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I believe art allows us to travel into spaces beyond the reach of words…

Art can be a beautiful catalyst for wellness through deep inner inquiry, transformation or simply a moments escape into an uplifting space which makes no demands of us. 


where we can find our stories within a bigger picture.

My love of drawing was something I was born with.  One of my earliest childhood memories was sketching a blade of grass which had gone to seed.  I remember the deep feeling of presence and the magical connection I felt with the grass as I attempted to capture it on the paper.

I paint and write from my heart and imagination as this is my bridge to a higher consciousness and an expanded awareness of subtle energies and alternative realities. 


My paintings and poems are a living library of my souls stories as it journeys into magical realms.

Each piece carries a unique energetic signature which can be felt as well as seen, inviting the viewer to sense a bigger picture and find their story within it.  

There are many stories behind my work; stories about how I got my inspiration, stories about the synchronicity I experienced whilst creating them, there are stories within the art itself and there are even stories about how they affect other people.  

I share just a few of these stories here but what is more important is that you discover your own stories !

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