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Painted post covid 19 lock down.

During a dream I became lucid and began pushing through many ceilings of reality to enter yet more realties.  Eventually, I reached the last ceiling and stood beneath what I called the white waterfalls of source floating above me.  It was like some kind of interface between pure consciousness and energy.  This energy then flowed into all of the dimensions and in some cases created matter.  A part of me was afraid to make the final leap into the waterfall in case I should never return to my body.  However, I was so awestruck by its beauty and so pleased that I had gotten this far, I made the final leap.  For a fleeting moment, I experienced myself as a feather floating on a current of infinite mystery, before waking from the dream.  I hope this painting will serve as a bridge so others can reach for their own source.    

"The Escape Rooms"

matryoshka principle  - escapology - legacy

Escape Rooms - subatomic, bacteria, flesh and bones, digital, nature, cosmic and crystalline.

The Escape Rooms Crystal.jpg
The Escape Rooms Close Up.jpg
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