"Golden Rays"

Creation Story - 2005

This painting was quite simply inspired by my personal connection with my inner guardian as well as numerology and the famous artist Klimt.


This angel will always be particularly special to me because she was a first on many levels.

She was my first acrylic on canvas (prior to this I favoured small scale watercolours) and she was the first overtly spiritual painting I created.


Looking back, she brought me a gift.  She re-ignited my passion for painting on the deepest level and she began to open me up to a new creative process which was quite different to what I had experienced before.  She was the first to introduce me to the art of my soul.

Special symbol - angel and the figure of eight.


I am the light, I am the dark,

I am the end, I am the start,

I am within, I am without,

I am certainty, I am doubt.


I am the heavens, I am the earth,

I am death, I am re-birth,

I am human, I am an angel,

I am the palace, I am the stable.


I am the stillness, I am the motion,

I am thought, I am emotion,

I am the silence, I am the verse,

I am the best, I am the worst.


I am the self, I am the All,

I am the rise, I am the fall,

I am the body, I am the soul,

I am the part, I am the whole.


I am joy, I am fear,

I am nowhere, I am here,

I am different, I am the same,

I am that I am, of sovereign domain.


by Deborah Perry