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Creation Story - 2011

This painting was inspired by a dream I had about a human sized fairy-like being with pale blue skin called Freya.  The dream had a strange almost awkward feeling about it at first as we didn't understand how to communicate with one another.

In the dream, I tried to fly in order to keep up with her skittish movements but I never managed to get more than a few feet off the ground. 


When I awoke, I was filled with a strange feeling of longing.  I felt melancholy yet curious at the same time and I wanted to express it through art.  

Special symbols - fairy, blue birds, dandelion clocks and the bee.


Who am I, if not my mind?

What if there’s more of me to find?


Who am I, if not flesh and bone?

What if my house was not my true home?


Who am I, if not my name?

What if my life was just a game?


Who am I, if not my senses?

What if there's more beyond my defenses?


Who am I, if not my sadness?

What if it's just a distraction from gladness?


Who am I, if not my beliefs?

What if they only fill me with grief?


Who am I, behind these eyes?

The one who asks "who am I?"


For this is the question which calls forth my soul,

Uniting the piece which makes me whole.

by Deborah Perry

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