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"The Gift"

A deer with northern lights for antlers

Creation Story - 2018

This painting captures what I discovered on the other side of the portal in "wonderment".

I experienced the creation of this painting in a slightly different way to the others.  I was lying in bed not thinking about anything in particular when the image of the deer flashed into my minds eye and simultaneously burst out of my heart with a feeling of great joy and completion. 


The image was incredibly clear, it was like looking at a finished canvas. 

I could see all the colours and even the detail but the image only lasted a couple of seconds. 


I immediately wondered if I would be able to recreate it but then I had the realisation that I had already created it.  It was as if I had travelled into the future to see the finished piece and so all I had to do now was experience how it came to be (if your mind is struggling with this concept, then join the club!)

For the following week, I was walking around feeling like I had giant antlers of light sticking out of my head - a most strange feeling indeed.

Having completed it, exactly to the vision, I was synchronistically made aware of  "Elen of the Ways" for the first time.  She is an antlered goddess who rules the ways, the passages of human life, both physical and spiritual. She is also known as the green lady.  Although I din't know it at the time, Elen of the Ways was clearly the hidden inspiration behind this painting and perhaps you can connect with her for yourself through this picture.

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