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"Guardians of the Dream"

Creation Story - 2008

This painting was inspired by the new arrival of my daughter and my coming out of the spiritual closet to join a group called the Rainbow Bridge. Here I met like minded individuals, who later developed into wonderful friends who I felt (and still feel) comfortable exploring and sharing ideas on life and the universe (literally).

Until joining the Rainbow Bridge, I didn't feel I could openly express my ideas about the nature of reality.  I was fearful that people would find me weird and reject me in some way.  Thanks to the ongoing support and encouragement from my fellowship, I have greatly developed my intuition and connections with life.

Special symbols - unicorns and the numerology of 5


When witches cast you nightmares,

You need not be afraid,

You can ride out with the unicorns,

And chase them all away.


Of crystal realm and purest heart,

They’re a beauty to behold,

And all that’s shadow turn to stars,

By their light that’s true and bold.


So call upon the unicorns,

To join you in your dreams,

And lead the charge into the dark,

For there’s nothing for you to fear!

by Deborah Perry

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