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"The Grand Redesign"

Creation Story - 2016

This painting was inspired by a crow which I used to feed in my garden.  He visited me for about a year and during that time he enjoyed plenty of bread (which he liked to dunk in a bowl of rainwater), raw eggs and left over Sunday roast.  I nicknamed him "King Crow". The crow's name in the painting is Solomon but that's another story!

I always pay attention when birds show up in my life.  Birds are my messengers and I wandered what message this crow was bringing me. He would often show up in my dreams and I got the sense that he was helping me with some sort of transition.

The day I decided to paint the crow was the last day I saw him.  I was heartbroken.  That night when I went to bed, I sent him a telepathic message to say "hey King Crow, you could have said good bye".  The following morning, there was a crow's feather waiting for me on the lawn which I gratefully accepted as his goodbye.  


Special Symbols - the crow, the removal of Saturn's rings, Solomon's key, tarot cards, open padlock, essence and most importantly the two Earth's.

Now all resets, now all goes new,

What was before no longer true,

No stone unturned, no star uncounted,

No misalignment un-surmounted.

No wheel of fortune or twist of fate,

No prophecy of predetermined date,

No play of destiny’s certain hand,

Nor God’s of man had ever planned.


No universal laws upheld,

Once opposing forces in the meld,

No pattern of old to dutifully follow,

Once prized conventions now all hollow.

No longer need for power struggles,

Nor elite secrets to be smuggled,

No cosmic order or divine decree,

One might say it happened creatively.


What the outcome? No one knows,

Nor should one will the dice in throws,

For all is perfect in deduction,

It’s just reality under reconstruction!


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