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"Falling In Self"

Creation Story - 2017

Having set myself the intention of creating a painting for 2017, I had the idea that I wanted to paint a woman diving for something at the bottom of a pool.  One week later, the painting was finished. Normally my paintings take me the whole of the Summer to create but once I started this one, there was no stopping until it was finished.  I've never created a painting so fast!

After finishing the painting, I found myself diving with her whilst in an altered state just before sleep.  I'm not a very confident swimmer and I actually have a fear of deep water, so it was quite odd for me to feel so relaxed with the image. It was when I listened to a love story about "Adam and Isis" from the Crimson Circle about a week later, that I realised that the Goddess in my painting was Isis.  This painting gives me great peace.  I often stand in front of it when I get up in a morning and just before I go to bed.  I take a deep breath and I feel nourished and rejuvenated by its simplicity.

Special symbols - the Goddess, water, rose


And so it begins

My quiet descent

Into unchartered depths of Self

Worldly life drowned by silence

As I free fall from the mind

No breath

No time.


My heart opens

To a conscious presence

Pulling me under 

Deeper I go, just awareness

Of sinking and beating

No thoughts

No feeling.


Only senses long lost

Play at such depths

As I exhale and decompress

Flooding my body with stillness

Such peace in pours

No effort

No more.


And so I'm drowning

In my love

Failure, pain, fear released

Wounds healed by grace

Shame unrepressed

No sorrow

No regrets


My return to Source

My journeys end

Now complete, fulfilled

With all that I AM

And were and ever shall be,

A drop and a tide

Of eternity.


My shore lines ebb

Beyond the cosmos

As I lap the beaches

Of creation

I am life's breath

I exist

No death

The heart of All Things

Sings and rings

For you and yours

And All.

Such purity of joy abounds

For my true love, my Self

I've found.


Gushing, flowing, 

My unconditional love

From oceans to streams

Bringing life new radiance

So none can refute

The fruit of the rose

A love absolute.

Deborah Perry

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