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This painting and poem was created for

Julia Frier, Gong Master and Vibrational Alchemist....


Through heart and gong she sings,

Of our true song a resonance rings,

Awakening dragons of crystal fire,

That burn away all desire,

For limitations and attachments made,

So we journey beyond without being afraid.

Mind washed away on vibrational wave,

We emerge in Creation’s Cave,

All we think we are is let go,

Surrendering to that we deeply know,

As our True Self with joy we greet,

And become one in the dragon beat.

(prints not available)

"Dragon Beat"


clarity - consciousness - beyond

Dragon Best JPEG.jpg

The Dragon Beat – the vibrations and frequencies which unlock the prison bars of the mind.


1. Beyond the Beyond – found within. 


2. The Cave – the deep subconscious and hidden parts of our self. Caves are also closely related to the symbolic heart and can be a place of safety and retreat where the self and ego unite. They also symbolise secret passageways or portals through which a soul must travel to confront his demons.


3. The Dragon – an ancient creature which exists in all cultures.  It represents clarity, compassion and completeness.  It dwells between here and nowhere and is the final stepping stone between the human and pure consciousness.

4. The Circumpunct – one of the oldest human symbols.  Here, it represents consciousness.  The dot is the sun of astrologers and astronomers; the alchemical gold of the alchemist, and the Keter of the Kabbalah. It is Source, your “I Am” and the beginning of creation. 

The circle represents the expansion of the soul through all the experiences and lifetimes.

5. Cave River – represents our inner resources and source of spiritual energy, our kundalini

6. The Leading Edge – a pioneer of consciousness


Dragon Best JPEG_edited.jpg
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