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"The Calling"

Creation Story - 2013

This painting was inspired by the beautiful blossom tree I have in my garden and a particularly brave blue tit who sounded the alarm to other birds when a sparrow hawk swooped onto my lawn.  All the other birds disappeared but this little fellow stayed to warn off other birds.  The sparrow hawk looked up at the blue tit as if in frustration and flew away.


Little Bird


A little bird lives in my heart,

It has no feathers, nor a beak,

And yet it flies to highest highs,

And sings a song so rich and sweet.


A little bird lives in my heart,

It does not roost, nor have a nest,

Yet perches in the tree of life,

And knows a home so safe and blessed.


What little bird lives in my heart?

It has no bearings, nor control,

Yet when I’m lost it calls me home,

Why, it’s the chorus of my soul.

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