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"Are You Ready"

Creation Story - 2014

I was lying in bed in that fragile state between being asleep and awake, when my thoughts were suddenly interrupted with the awareness of a familiar presence and a crystal clear vision of tiger stripes. I watched in awe as the stripes shimmered and undulated before me. I knew in that moment that a tiger was going to be the subject for my next painting. 

This is the first painting I consciously gave birth too.  It was an exciting process but at times it was also uncomfortable.  The energy I was channelling was so intense, I found it difficult to run it through my body.  I had many a disturbed night as a result of restless leg syndrome during the first few weeks of creation. 

Special symbols - the tiger, balancing rocks, crystal portal and Mount Kailash.


Are you ready,

To leave it all behind,

And take a leap of faith,

Into new paradigm.

To boldly go beyond,

The senses and the mind,

To expand inside space,

And slip outside of time?


Are you ready,

To realise self anew,

And take the deepest dive,

Into the whole of you.

To boldly go within,

The very core of soul,

To love the light and dark ,

And make the journey home?


Are you ready,

To waken to your plea,

And walk alongside Angels ,

Into your mastery.

To boldly make your claim,

Of all you truly are,

The love, the light the life,

The very brightest star?

by Deborah Perry

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